Trajall Harell in «Dancer of the Year», Black Box teater, Oslo 2019. Photo: Orpheas Emiraz

A rabbit hole of (self-)references, revised

Trajal Harrell, the choreographer internationally known for bringing postmodern dance and voguing together on contemporary stages, presented his latest solo-work in Oslo last weekend. In «Dancer of the Year», a title given to him in 2018 by Tanz magazine, Harrell reflects on his trajectory as a dancer, while swirling into a rabbit hole of (self-)references.

It’s Friday night. Black Box Theater is opening a new season and the foyer is packed with people. The scenography ofDancer of the Year – a piano

Dancer of the Year

Choreography, performance, sound, costumes: Trajal Harrell. 

Dramaturgy: Sara Jansen. 

Production: CauseCelebre vzw. 

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