Edith Clever as Lotte in the Film version of Botho Strauß' Gross und klein, directed by Peter Stein 1978/79.

Botho Strauss „Groß und klein“,

Lotte has been seen as of the finest woman roles in recent German drama ever since the production by Peter Stein. Botho Strauss „Groß und klein“, premiered 8 December 1978, and is streamed from Schaubühne Saturday April 4th.

Botho Strauss’ second play about contemporary West German society, after Three Acts of Recognition, became a modern classic, at least in the German canon, for several reasons. The journey play in ten scenes presents the thirty-something graphic designer Lotte as a complex female protagonist in a quest for real communication and affection. The sociological context is, exactly ten years after the revolt of 1968, how the attempt of collective emancipation has led to a culture of materialistic egotism and superficial individualism.

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