«Hamletmaschine», directed by Robert Wilson. The Italian version premiered on July 7, 2017 at the Teatro San Nicolò, Festival dei Due Mondi, in Spoleto, Italy. Photo: Lucie Janson

Wilsonesque estrangement

Heiner Müller’s «Hamletmaschine», directed by Robert Wilson, Thalia Theater Hamburg (1986). Streamed on Sunday 31. of May and Monday 1. of June.

Robert Wilson’s Hamburg production of Hamletmaschine is certainly the most famous stage version of Heiner Müller’s play. In its surreal atmosphere of an enigmatic design, visually and sound-wise, a very young cast performs Müller’s text with extreme precision that defies nevertheless a concise interpretation of this highly complex play about the crisis of politics, art and intellect in late 20th century.

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