Teatervitenskap på Universitetet i Bergen inviterer til Zoom-konferanse 26. og 27. November, under overskriften: How has the non-institutional theatres /independent dance, theatre and performance field emerged and developed in Scandinavia and the Nordic/Baltic region? Se fullt program under

26–27 November, Bergen/Zoom

How has the non-institutional theatres /independent dance, theatre and performance field emerged and developed in Scandinavia and the Nordic/Baltic region?

The research milieu in Theatre Studies at University of Bergen has instigated a research project for the study of Scandinavian independent theatre from the 1960s to the 2010s, defined as SCAN-AESTHETICS which has been developed with Scandinavian colleagues. Together we have identified a research gap regarding the study of independent theatre and performance groups not only in the countries traditionally defined as “Scandinavian”, but within the Nordic-Baltic region in general. SCAN-AESTHETICS is henceforth to be understood as a catchword to cover the Scandinavian and Nordic/Baltic dimension seen as region. The understanding of the field of performing arts in this project also includes popular art, musical theatre, cabaret and circus.


The ANTS2020 conference is an all online event.
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Thursday 26 November

09.00–10.00  Welcome 
                         Keynote 1: Peter M. Boenisch, Aarhus University, DK 

10.30–12.00 Parallel Sessions 

Panel 1: Independent theatre: Historiography and the transnational  

Chair: Knut Ove Arntzen 

  • Martynas Petrikas: The Independent Theatre of Lithuania: Emergency of the Field. 

  • Annelis Kuhlmann: Women in the powerful position of a stage director in Denmark. A theatre profession withour theater historiography. 

  • Stephen Wilmer: Maciunas: Nutty Artist or Seminal Influence? The Fluxus Movement. 

Panel 2: Cultural Policy and structural analysis 

Chair: Magnús Thor Thorbergsson 

  • Ine Therese Berg (Oslo): Cultural Policy as Institutional Dramaturgy. 

  • Anneli Saro: Structural Analysis of Theatre Field of a City.  

  •  Melanie Fieldseth: Examining Teaterhuset Avant Garden (TAG) in Trondheim.  

13.00-14.30 Parallel Sessions  

Panel 3: Spectatorship and Publicness  

Chair: Anneli Saro 

  • Hild Borchgrevink: Performing publicness - interdisciplinary differences.  

  • Karoline Skuseth: The concept of plurality in the development of BIT Teatergarasjen. 

  • Rikard Hoogland: Stage Summer festival as a transnational event.  

Panel 4: Independent Theatre and Dance Groups 

Chair: Kim Skjoldager-Nielsen 

  • Mikko-Olavi Seppälä: The Independent Field in Scandinavia Regarding Finnish group theatre movement and its ties to Sweden in the 1970s. 

  • Magnús Thor Thorbergsson: Taking Up Space. The emergence of an independent theatre field in Iceland 1975–1990. 

14.45–16.15 Parallel Sessions  

Panel 5: Immersive Theatre  

Chair: Mikko-Olavi Seppälä 

  • Kim Skjoldager-Nielsen: Aesthetics of Interactive and Immersive Theatre Since
    the Turn of the Millenia: SIGNA – Poste Restante - Sisters´ Academy. 

  • Julia Stina Skoglund: Heterotopia and
    Power: On Immersive Performance-Installations by SIGNA and T. B. Nilsson. 

  • Thomas Rosendal Nielsen: Scan-aesthetics: Emersive dramaturgy. 



Panel 6: Aesthetic Turn in the Baltic  

Chair: Martynas Petrikas 

  • Ieva Rodina: Actors as co-creators in contemporary Latvian theatre. 

  • Luule Epner: The institutional and aesthetic turn in Estonian theatre in 1987–1992. 

  • Riina Oruaas: Brand new dance: Development of independent dance field in Estonia. 

Friday - 27 November

  • 9.00–10.00    Keynote 2: Clare Finburgh, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK 

    10.30–12.15   Panel Session

    Panel 7: Theatre Ecology in Gothenburg 

    Chair: Rikard Hoogland 

    • Astrid von Rosen: Independent Dance in Gothenburg: Emergencies and Exclusions. 

    • Mikael Strömberg: Entertainment as infrastructure. 

    • Sandra Grehn: Theatre for young audiences played by independent theatre group
      in Gothenburg 1980–1985. 

    • Fia Adler Sandblad: Physical theatre in Gothenburg. A performance lecture. 

    • Helena Holgersson: Where the expansion was made possible: On the importance of municipal cultural
      and community centers. 

    13.15–14.45 Parallel Sessions  

    Panel 8: History and Drama in Avant-Garde Russia and the Baltic 

    Chair: Stephen Wilmer 

    • Janne Risum: Meyerhold´s Casting of Actresses for Male Parts. 

    • Hedi-Liis Tome: The rise and fall of theatre NO99 in Estonia – a case of political and discursive change. 

    • Olga Nikolaeva: TEATR.doc: Verbatim Practice in the Context of Sociocultural Climate in Contemporary Russia.   

    Panel 9: Playwrighting in the Nordic  

    Chair: Annelis Kuhlmann 

    • Babatunde Allen Bakare: Examination of Contemporary Pedagogy in the Works of Modern Norwegian Playwrights: Textual Analysis
      of Arne Lygre’s play, ‘Man Without Purpose’ and Fredrik Brattsberg’s ‘The Returning’, as Examples. 

    • Knut Ove Arntzen: Indigenous theatre and the spiral dramaturgy. 

    • Anna Blekastad Watson: Documentary drama in Norway. 


    Local arrangement committee: Professor Knut Ove Arntzen, Associate professor Keld Hyldig, Associate professor Ulla Kallenbach, Doctoral research fellow Ragnhild Gjefsen, Master student Márita Charlotte Pedersen Fossum.