Linda Pöppel, Manuel Harder and Niklas Wetzel in «Der Zaubergberg». Deutsches Theater Berlin 2020. Photo: Arno Declair

The Magic Camera

Theatertreffen 2021 is a streaming festival taking place at this very special moment when theatres are permitted to perform shows without an audience. Out of the top ten invitations, Sebastian Hartmann’s cinematographic variations on Thomas Mann's «Der Zaubergberg» («Magic Mountain») is a radical attempt to work creatively with the medium beyond merely filming a performance in an empty theatre.

In the beginning, we seem to be watching an endless snow-storm; an overwhelming whiteness that devours everything until figures in greyish-white

Der Zauberberg

By Thomas Mann

Adapted and directed by Sebastian Hartmann

Stage design: Sebastian Hartman

Deutsches Theater Berlin 2020

Live streamed, 8 PM May 22th. 2021 

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