Einfach die Ende der Welt, directed by Christopher Rüping. Schauspielhaus Zürich. Photo: Diana Pfamatter

Theatertreffen live stream 13.- 24. mai

Årets utgave av Theatetreffen starter i kveld, torsdag 13. mai, med live streaming av forestillingen "Einfach die Ende der Welt" fra Schauspielhaus Zürich. Festivalen pågår fram til 24 mai. Se programtekster på engelsk her

Einfach die Ende der Welt

Directed Christopher Rüping

Scenografi: Jonathan Mertz

Kostyme: Lene Schwind

Musikk: Matze Pröllochs

Lysdesign: Frank Bittermann

Dramaturgi: Katinka Deecke og Malte Ubenauf

Strømmes live fra Schauspielhaus Zürich 13.05.2021 kl. 20.00

For one weekend, a young man leaves his bohemian life in the big city behind to return to the place of his childhood after twelve years. He will see his family who have become strangers to him – or perhaps they always were. He has something important to tell them, but even before this happens, two fundamentally different ways of life collide with full force. Jean-Luc Lagarce is one of the most often performed dramatists in France and his play “Einfach das Ende der Welt (It’s Only the End of the World)” was made into a film with a star-studded cast. Christopher Rüping (who has been invited to the Theatertreffen for the fourth time) and his ensemble have found a playful, delicate theatrical form that addresses urgent social issues of classism, the divide between urban and rural regions, homophobia and the question of what exactly we owe to our family with quick wit and profound sincerity.

Show Me A Good Time

Photo: Dorothea Tuch


Av Gob Squad 

Konsept: Gob Squad

Videodesign: Miles Chalcraft og Noam Gorbat

Lyddesign: Sebastian Bark, Jeff McGrory og Catalina Fernandez

Kostyme: Emma Cattell

Dramaturgi: Christina Runge

Strømmes live fra Haus der Berliner Festspiele 15.05.2021 kl. 12.00

Tysk og engelsk

Om forestillingen:

A performer is standing on the stage of an eerily empty theatre, an abandoned auditorium can be seen behind her*him. But she*he is not alone: Other Gob Squad-performers are connected with her*him via video-link. From noon to midnight, they travel through the city on foot or by car – or sit in a living-room thousands of miles away … In “Show Me A Good Time”, everyday observations give rise to eminent reflections, condensing the passing time into a celebration of the single moment again and again.

Maria Stuart

Photet: Arno Declair

Av Friedrich Schiller

Regissør: Anne Lenk

Scenografi: Judith Oswald

Kostyme: Sybille Wallum

Musikk: Camill Jammal

Lys: Cornelia Gloth

Dramaturgi: David Heiligers

Sendes fra Deutsches Theater Berlin 15.05.2021 kl. 20.00

Tysk med engelske undertekster

Om forestillingen:

Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, is in English captivity. As long as she is alive, the English Queen Elizabeth cannot be sure of her own power. But Elizabeth hesitates to order the execution of her competitor and kinswoman who can still command strong support, even in the dungeon. Surrounded by male careerists, the two women fight a duel that either both or none of them can win. Director Anne Lenk – whose production of Molière’s “Der Menschenfeind (The Misanthrope)” was invited to the 2020 Theatertreffen – has once again created a contemporary reading of a major canonic subject. She takes Schiller’s text seriously while discovering a surprising amount of wit in it. The company of Deutsches Theater Berlin show themselves at top form in Judith Oswald’s set, a logical response to the adversities of this pandemic-afflicted season.


Photo: Matthias Horn

Av Anna Gmeyner

Regissør: Barbara Frey

Scenografi: Martin Zehetgruber og Stephanie Wagner

Kostyme: Esther Geremus

Musikk: Tommy Hojsa og Barbara Frey

Lys: Friedrich Rom

Dramaturgi: Andreas Karlaganis

Sendes fra Burgtheater på Akademietheater 16.05.2021 kl. 20.00

Tysk med tyske og engelske undertekster

Om forestillingen:

The provincialist Adam saves the beautiful stranger Eva from suicide by drowning and takes her along to the “Automatenbüfett”, the restaurant owned by his feisty wife. Eva’s arrival is an attraction to this largely male community and the shrewd Adam knows how to use it to further his plans. Anna Gmeyner’s characters are struggling desperately for civility but cannot help gradually revealing their own depravity. Martin Zehetgruber has designed the eponymous automat, which provides a looming backdrop to sometimes cringeworthily funny and sometimes heartrendingly sad encounters between the outstanding cast. Once again, director Barbara Frey has proved her talent for precise yet casual suspense – and an intelligent, contemporary look at gender-dependencies.

Graf Öderland

Photo: Graf Öderland

En ballade i tolv scener av Max Frisch

Regissør: Stefan Bachmann

Scenografi: Olaf Altmann

Kostyme: Esther Geremus

Komposisjon: Sven Kaiser

Lys: Roland Edrich

Dramaturgi: Barbara Sommer

Sendes fra Residenztheater (München) 17.05.2021 kl. 20.00

Tysk med engelske understekster

Om forestillingen:

A bank clerk bludgeons a janitor to death: with no reason, no motive, just like that. This murderer and his “senseless” deed totally derail the general prosecutor whose job it is to bring the charge. In a mad rush, he leaves his well-ordered existence and becomes an axe-wielding murderer, initiating a bloody movement against the socio-political status quo. Stefan Bachmann takes the subtitle of this “ballad” at face value. The multifaceted live music, a cast who are clearly going all out and Olaf Altmann’s congenial spatial positing create a nightmarish maelstrom that sees the story of “Count Oederland with the axe in his hand” as timeless while at the same time evoking countless highly topical associations.


Photo: Gina Folly

Av Leonie Böhm

Regissør: Leonie Böhm

Scenografi: Zahava Rodrigo

Kostyme: Magdalena Schön og Helen Stein

Musikk: Johannes Rieder

Dramaturgi: Helena Eckert

Strømmes live fra Schauspielhaus Zürich 20.05.2021 kl. 20.00

Tysk med engelske undertekster

Om forestillingen:

Medea: In the ancient Euripedean myth, she is the princess whose husband Jason leaves her for another woman and who takes revenge by murdering their children. Director Leonie Böhm uses the tragedy as a springboard for a radical theatre experiment. Her Medea* is unconditionally a woman of today, refusing to embody an ancient tragic fate. Although she would prefer to carefully look at and explore this fate from the outside, she cannot escape it in the end. Maja Beckmann is moving as a defiant Medea-explorer and musician Johannes Rieder provides a melancholy and jarring soundtrack.

Reich des Todes

Photo: Arno Declair

Av Rainald Goetz

Regissør: Karin Beier

Scenografi: Johannes Schütz

Kostyme: Eva Dessecker, Wicke Naujoks

Komponist og musikalsk regissør: Jörg Gollasch

Videodesign: Voxi Bärenklau

Dramaturgi: Rita Thiele og Ralf Fiedler

Lys: Annette ter Meulen

Strømmes live fra Deutsches SchauSpielHaus Hamburg 21.05.2021 kl. 18.30

Tysk med engelske undertekster

Om forestillingen:

Over a distance of nearly twenty years, Rainald Goetz looks back at 11 September 2001 and its aftermath, at the “War on Terror” and the barbarity of Guantanamo. Goetz is not interested in a documentary reconstruction of events. Instead, he sketches an iridescent genre picture of politics in a state of emergency, rich in references and invitations to association, looking far back and far ahead into history, right up to our immediate, crisis-ridden present day. In Karin Beier’s staging, the world premiere at Hamburg’s SchauSpielHaus becomes a frenzied theatre experience. Jörg Gollasch’s sinister and threatening sound world complements Goetz’s agitated language.

*The world premiere production of “Reich des Todes (Empire of Death)” deals with topics including the abuse and torture of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib. In this context, the production features scenes, projected images and photos of the affected persons, showing mental, physical and sexualised violence and nudity.

Der Zauberberg

Photo: Arno Declair

Basert på Thomas Mann

Regi og scenografi: Sebastian Hartmann

Kostyme: Adriana Braga Peretzki

Musikk: Samuel Wiese

Videoanimasjon: Tilo Baumgärtel

Lys: Lothar Baumgarte

Dramaturgi: Claus Caesar

Strømmes live fra Deutsches Theater Berlin 22.05.2021 kl. 20.00

Tysk med engelske undertekster

Om forestillingen: 

This is the third time that Sebastian Hartmann brings an epochal work of world literature to the Theatertreffen-stage. He dissolves all of the formally rigorous plotlines in Thomas Mann’s “Der Zauberberg (The Magic Mountain)” about Hans Castorp’s seven-year sojourn in a sanatorium on the eve of the First World War and transfers them into an intense rush of images. Seven actors wander through an incessant snow-storm, circling a recurring question in manifold, disturbing monologues: What is the body in the course of time? Originally planned for a physically present audience, the production was radically adjusted for live streaming by Hartmann’s team. This new set-up shows video artist Tilo Baumgärtel’s worlds of images and Samuel Wiese’s music to even greater advantage.


NAME HER. Eine Suche nach den Frauen+

Photo: Hendrik Lietman

Av Marie Schleef

Konsept, tekst, undertekster og oppsetning: Marie Schleef

Opptreden og tekst: Anne Tismer

Sett, kostyme, video- og bildeinstallasjoner: Jule Saworski

Dramaturgi, tekst og understekster: Laura Andreß

Sendes fra Ballhaus Ost (Berlin) 23.05.2021 kl. 18.00 til 24.00

Tysk med engelske undertekster

Om forestillingen:

There are not enough female role models? Director Marie Schleef would disagree vehemently. For her long durational performance “NAME HER. Eine Suche nach den Frauen+ (NAME HER. In Search of Women+)”, she and her creative team have unearthed countless inspiring female biographies with meticulous archaeological care. In front of a gameshow triptych designed by Jule Saworski, the tireless expert and entertainer Anne Tismer guides us through the A to Z of great destinies and small anecdotes of women from several centuries – so versatile, impressive and inspiring that seven hours just fly by.


Photo Martina Marini-Misterioso

Idé og konsept: Lucy Wilke og Paweł Duduś
Utvikling og oppsetning: Lucy Wilke, Paweł Duduś og Kim Ramona Ranalter
Musikk: Kim Ramona Ranalter
Scenografi: Theresa Scheitzenhammer og Alexander Wilke
Lys: Barbara Westernach

Sendes fra HockX Theater und Live Art (München), 24. 05 kl. 19.00
Tysk og engelsk med engelske undertekster

Om forestillingen:
Actor and singer Lucy Wilke was born with spinal muscular atrophy. There would be no reason to mention this in any other context, but it is in fact the point of departure for this production, “SCORES THAT SHAPED OUR FRIENDSHIP” from Munich. Together with dancer Paweł Duduś, Wilke developed this intimate, seemingly utopian portrait of a friendship that does away with all boundaries. In seven short chapters, the two of them explore their bodies and their dreams through symbiotic movements and attentive speaking. Playfully and without any moralistic attitude of superiority, they overcome society’s norms and insecurities towards people who appear to be different from the majority.