Jonas Øren in «Hybris: Choreographing Whiteness». Dansens Hus 2021. Photo: Christian Tandberg/ Dansens Hus

Sparkling white hybris

In «Hybris: Choreographing Whiteness», a three-part multidisciplinary project which comprises a dance solo, a publication and a rap EP, choreographer Jonas Øren, explores his identity as a dancer by investigating the ways in which Black femininity and womanhood have influenced, inspired and been appropriated by gay and queer cultures. But can a homage to Black women culture coexist with the celebration of the self, when that ‘self’ is white?

Reading the descriptions of Hybris: Choreographing Whitness on Øren’s website, I am struck by how willing and ready Øren seems to be to throw

Hybris: Choreographing Whiteness 

Koreograf, utøver og produsent: Jonas Øren 

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