«Butch Tribute» by Marte Sterud (to the left) and Ann-Christin Kongsness (right). Black Box teater 2021. Photo Marin Håskjold

«For those who have no God»

Sterud/Kongsness, an artistic duo who identify as a 'queer community' all onto themselves, present «Butch Tribute», a dance performance investigating myriad butch identities. How to break away from stereotypes, while celebrating and honoring the butch identity? «Butch Tribute» carefully open up this question and disappears before answering it.

It has been a while, maybe 18 months by now, but here we are, sitting shoulder to shoulder, close and without mouth masks on, our seats nicely

Butch Tribute

made and performed by Ann-Christin Kongsness av Marte Reithaug Sterud

Music: Kari-Helene Blystad, Ragnhild Nelvik Bruseth

Lighting design: Elisabeth Kjeldahl Nilsson

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