Stans utleveringen av Julian Assange!

71 av deltakerne på Ibsen Scope i Skien, sendte følgende brev til innenriksministeren i Storbritannia, Priti Patel, der de ber henne om å stanse utleveringen av Julian Assange til USA. Brevet er også sendt til The Guardian.

Dear Home Secretary. 

We, international artists from 15 different countries gathered at the Ibsen Scope international theatre festival in Skien, Norway 2022, are writing to express our serious concern regarding the possibility of extradition of WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange to the United States.  

The US government’s unrelenting pursuit of Julian Assange for having published classified documents, some of which exposed possible war crimes committed by the US military, is nothing short of a full-scale assault on the right to freedom of expression.

We urge you to act in the interest of freedom of expression and information by refusing extradition and immediately releasing Mr Assange from prison, where he has remained on remand for three years despite the great risks posed to his mental and physical health.

In the US, Mr Assange would face trial on 17 counts under the Espionage Act and one count under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, which combined could see him imprisoned for up to 175 years. He is highly likely to be detained there under cruel, inhuman and degrading conditions, including prolonged solitary confinement, despite the US government’s assurances to refrain from such treatment unless the authorities consider it necessary due to Mr. Assange’s conduct.

Mr Assange would be unable to adequately defend himself in the US courts, since many of the charges brought against him are based on the Espionage Act that does not allow for a public interest defence. His prosecution would set a dangerous precedent that could be applied to any media outlet that publishes stories based on leaked information, or indeed any journalist, publisher or source anywhere in the world. No publisher, journalist or source should ever again face detention in the UK for publishing information in the public interest.

We ask you, Home Secretary, to reject the US extradition request.  



Liane C Venturella, Brazil, Instinct-BR

Henrik Bøe Larsen, Norway, Teateret Ditt

Camila Bauer, Brazil, Instinct-BR

Henriette Blakstad, Norway, Hen Blakstad Productions

Wael Kadour, France, Playwright

Guandaline Sagliocco, France/Norway, Sagliocco Ensemble

Annette Ride, Sweden, Grenland Friteater

Anne Holtan, Norway, De Utvalgte

Joseph Sfeir, Lebanon, Zoukak Theatre Group

Jana Bou Matar, Lebanon, Zoukak Theatre Group

Luba Kuzovnikova, Russia/Norway, Traavik info

Luis Ayhllon, Mexico, Dodo Escenas

Irela de Villers, Mexico, Freelance Artist

Beate Pettersen, Norway, Artist

Mari Hesjedal, Norway, Playwright

Morten Cranner, Norway, Dramatikkens Hus

Emmanuel A Galley, Norway, Ibsen Centre

Rawdna Carita Eira, Norway, Playwright

Mohamed Hamdan, Lebanon, Zoukak Theatre Company

Dala Fakhreddine, Lebanon, Clinical Psychologist

L Senstad, Norway, KHIO

Fredrik Floen, Norway, Costume Designer

F.A.S, Mexico 

Maiken Rye, Norway, KHIO

Helle Riis, Norway, Skien Kommune

Omar Abi Azar, Lebanon, Zookok Theatre Company

F M, Norway, NBX

Juan Pablo Troncoso, Chile

Daniel Brunet, Germany/USA, English Theatre Berlin

Jonas Ø, Norway, Theatre Producer

Kai Johnsen, Norway, Freelance

Riccardo Clementi, Italy, Zoukak Theatre Company

Kristina Kjeldsberg, Norway, Dramatikkens Hus

Line Rosvoll, Norway, Dramatikkens Hus

Guro Honningdal, Norway, Skien Kommune

John Swift, UK, Retired teacher

Hiam Alchirout, Norway, Save Life

Estefana Padilo, Mexico

Ali Chahrour, Lebanon, Zoukak Theatre Company

Nicolas. Espinoza Bastias, Chile

Anette Waller, Norway, KHIO

Victoria Sophie Gulliksen, Norway, KHIO

Helle Siljeholm, Norway, Freelance

Tormod Fuglestad, Norway, KHIO

Eyrun Müller, Norway, KHIO

Lydia Hann, UK, KHIO

Solvor Leistad, Norway, Retired Nurse

Masoud Ghadim Fallah, Norway/Iran, Writer

Wejdan Nassif, France/ Syria, Baïtona/ Metz

Mari Moen, Norway, Dramatikkens Hus

Sibyl Kempson, USA, 7 Daughters of Eve

Marike Van Ryn, Netherlands, Freelance/ Dramatikkens Hus

Hashem Adnan, Lebanon, Actor

Hilde Guri Bohlin, Norway, Ibsen Scope

Cristina G Baggethun, Norway, Norsk Shakespearetidsskrift

Fabian S, Brazil, Artist

Danya Hammoud, Lebanon, Choreographer

Junaid Sarrieddeen Lebanon, Actor-Director

Robert Johanson, USA, 7 Daughters of Eva

Ruba Matta, Lebanon, Psychologist

Tom-Erik Lønnerød, Norway, Spriten Kunsthall

Pia Maria Roll Jessen, Norway, Pia Maria Roll Jessen

Håkon Øverås, Norway, Film Producer

Hanne Ramsdal, Norway, Writer/Playwright