Cecilie Lindeman Steen in UNDER, choreografen by Sølvi Edvardsen. Dansens Hus 20024. Photo: Elin Osjord

A Taste Of Time

UNDER, a performance by one of Norway's best-known choreographers, Sølvi Edvardsen addresses the topic of loneliness in a universal way, and raises in me unexpected questions of specificity, legacy and «other-timeness».

There is an image in my head. It’s a memory from when I still lived in Brussels. A Sunday, somewhere in the late morning. Passing through the square, I


Choreographer, directon and costume: Sølvi Edvardsen

Sounddesign: Roy Knudsen¨

Musician: Bjørg Lewis

Composer: Åsmund Fedje

Film: Sølvi Edvardsen og Elin Osjord

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