«Yellow», screenshot: NST. Live streaming, March 12th., also available on stream until March 14 th.

Close and distant at once

As it happened everywhere, Luk Perceval’s new production «Yellow», the second part of his Belgian trilogy, has been postponed not only once. In order to make progress and bring it to the public, Perceval and NT Gent decided for the premiere of its filmversion, based on filmed run-throughs and edited after aesthetic principles that have developed over decades in the works of the Belgian director.

Two years ago Perceval premiered the first part of his Belgian trilogy, Black, a dark exploration of the colonial past in Congo. Now, Yellow (the

Yellow – The Sorrows of Belgium II: Rex

Directed by Luk Perceval

Design: Annette Kurz 

NTGent, live streaming March 12 2021

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